Zypper, IPv6 & bridges - One or two problems?

Hi I have an intermittent problem with Zypper (for example zypper refresh).
The environment here is: SuSE 11.4 (x86_64), zypper v1.5.3, hostapd v 0.7.3 and IPv6 turned off.

As I said, occasionally zypper will freeze and time-out with an error message that “address can not be found”.
On inspection, the only time that this happens is when download.opensuse.org has returned an IPv6 address.
I have tried various DNS servers. But I guess that they are only reporting what they have been told to say?

Thus, I am concluding that Zypper can’t use (or dismiss) IPv6 addresses?
Why is a DNS request for download.opensuse.org not always returning the same information?

For now, I have worked around the problem by using IPv4 address in the zypper repo tables. However, this is going to fail at sometime!
Can anyone tell me what is going on or how to elegantly solve this issue? Anything to do with the recent “IPv6 day”?

Additionally, but I don’t think that the cause is likely to be related, as soon as I add a Wireless device to my bridge (by including the “bridge=br0” switch in the hostapd.conf file, zypper stops working completely - no messages anywhere that I can find anyway. The order and timing of the bridge assembly does not seem to make any difference.

Regards, Martin

I guess this might be connected to the bug from this thread :
openSUSE 11.4 and IPv6 / glibc bug

It looks as it’s not possible to disable ipv6 with the latest glibc.

As to why sometimes an ipv6 address is returned and at others ipv4 I’ve got no idea.

Best regards,