[zypper] howto install current version curent?

Hi all!
When I reading forum i have seen that it was example run zypper with some extra parameters(i not find them in man)
for example in repo’s is available openoffice 2.4 and 3.0 how can I install openoffice 2.4 instead of 3.0
i see something like this

>zypper in openoffice >= 2.4

but i could not find article where this example present… :frowning:

could somebody explaine how this work? or link to place where this explained…

thank you

You can upgrade a single package from a certain repo:

zypper in -r [alias or number of repository] [name of package]

…if that’s what you were looking for (alias / # of repository can be looked up via ‘zypper lr’). Since the syntax of zypper is quite easy, I recommend reading

man zypper

thank you gropiuskalle for reaply

I understand you suggest to type the repositry from what i will choose the package. it is really simple

zypper -r 1 -i openoffice

so i have another question… how can i find what repository contain my version number?

PS: But I want something different. Can I choose program not by repository but by version number.