Zypper hangs at end of upgrade and fills up log file endlessly

Basically every time I run a “zypper dup” on my machine, all of the packages install but when it gets to the dracut portion post-install, it just hangs indefinitely and fills the /var/log/zypper.log file with the following error (repeated continuously):

[zypp::posttrans++] RpmPostTransCollector.cc(executeScripts):94 /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/50drm/module-setup.sh: line 27: warning: command substitution: ignored null byte in input

I have Tumbleweed installed on other machines with no issues at all and the zypper.log file doesn’t grow exponentially with every transaction (I’ve seen mine hit 15GB in just a few minutes). I’m up to date as of today’s updates and it’s still happening. I checked the file in question and it doesn’t look particularly unusual: (line 27 is the *.ko line)

            local _fname _fcont 
           while read _fname ||  -n "$_fname" ]; do 
               case "$_fname" in 
**                   *.ko)    _fcont="$(<        $_fname)" ;; **
                   *.ko.gz) _fcont="$(gzip -dc $_fname)" ;; 
                   *.ko.xz) _fcont="$(xz -dc   $_fname)" ;; 

I’ve compared the file to another machine where it works fine and the file seems identical.

If what you describe is true,
Then it sounds like there is an issue building the loadable kernel modules which will often have the “.ko” file extension.

Something in this machine is different compared to your other Tumbleweed, whether it’s running on different hardware or has some kind of differences in the kernel.

Maybe since this is a TW you might consider a new, fresh install? Depending on your custom configurations, a new install probably isn’t much different than each time you run a “dup.”