zypper dup stopeed working

Hi all, I started last night a system upgrade following the official opensuse web page. I left the machine doing the system upgrade (I issued zypper dup). In the morning I found the process to be on halt (cpu utilization was at 1%, hard disk icon was never turning on) and it was stuck at the same package (over 1 hour) thus I killed the process with control and c Now the zypper dub gives the same warning message when it starts but it does not really move over. Cpu utilization is again low… Is there a way to “restart” the zypper dub? I would like to thank you in advance for your reply Regards Alex

What is the warning message?

What is the opeSUSE version you use?
Why the zypper dup? Please explain what distribution update you are trying to do.
And saying there is a message without showing it here is a bit to much for normal not clairvoyant people.

Hi I have opensuse 12.2 going to the latest version The message I get is (roughly translated from german) Warning: You want to make a distribution upgrate with all the current active repositieris. Before you proceed further, please make sure that the repositories are compatible… So far I have followed the procedure from the opensuse website Regards A

And what’s your actual problem?

This message is printed everytime you run “zypper dup”.

If “zypper dup” doesn’t install any packages, it means there are no newer ones than already installed.
Or is it just hanging?

I would pick hanging, where hanging means: After I get the warning I wrote at the beginning it does not proceed further. Cpu utilization is at 1%. I restarted the whole system (I know this is not a safe choice, luckily that system does not have any important data) and now zypper dup works… I will update abou the progress A

Recommend posting some information about your system

zypper lr -d
uname -a

Before you start, is there at least 15GB of free space(more the better) in your root partition (I’ve found that on my systems with 16GB disks and no separate home partition that upgrading can fail due to lack of space). You may also have some minimal RAM requirements depending on your installed Desktop.