Zypper dup problem with: gstreamer-plugins-libav-1.22.2-1699.86.pm.3.x86_64

For a few days I get this problem message when doing a zypper dup:

Problem: problem with the installed gstreamer-plugins-libav-1.22.2-1699.86.pm.3.x86_64
 Solution 1: install gstreamer-plugins-libav-1.22.2-1.2.x86_64 from vendor openSUSE
  replacing gstreamer-plugins-libav-1.22.2-1699.86.pm.3.x86_64 from vendor http://packman.links2linux.de
 Solution 2: keep obsolete gstreamer-plugins-libav-1.22.2-1699.86.pm.3.x86_64

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c/d/?] (c): 

so far I always chose option 2 because i was hoping that the problem is going to get resolved in the packman repository. But this raises a general question of how to approach problems which are suggesting a vendor change. My approach so far was, to never switch from packman to openSUSE because am under the impression, that when packages are on both repositories this probably means that the opensuse version is restricted in some way because of license or legal reasons. Especially packages connected to multimedia stuff (codecs etc.).
So the question is, is this still true? And if so, is it general better to wait for the packman vendor to resolve such problems?

My fear is, that someday the legal problems with one of the packages/application get sorted out, so there is no reason to keep the variant on packman anymore. That means the users the should change the vendor to get further updates. But it is possible that when such situation occurs and I somehow miss the announcement, i would stuck on such an error forever and never notice.

@sabo007 You need to follow the Packman Mailing List for third party providers :wink:


Solution 1 and switch to openSUSE…

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There is no one size that fits them all. You approach it as any other problem - you try to understand the cause and act accordingly.

Which is exactly what happened here. Package is no more present in Packman, it is apparently dependency of some other package (you trimmed the zypper output so we can only guess) so zypper suggests to switch vendor.