zypper dup problem from Beta 5 to RC 1

When trying to preform a zypper dup from beta 5 to rc1 I get this error about Adobe Flash it looks like

“Retrieving package flash-player- (53/567), 0 B (0 B unpacked)
Retrieving: non-oss [error (56 B/s)]
Cannot write file ‘/var/adm/mount/AP_0x00000005’.”

When I did a ls -l on the file it does not exist, has anyone else had this problem. Also I just told zypper to ignore it right now so I may have broken flash.:stuck_out_tongue:

Check this url
Index of /distribution/11.1-RC1/repo/non-oss/suse/i586

I guess I can install it by hand, but it will have to wait until the disto-upgrade is done. If it errors again like then then if both zypper and the rpm commands fails then it must be a problem with with the rpm correct?