zypper dup on January 15

I just performed the latest zypper dup. I got a warning about the mesa driver. It told me to reject the license if I used kde. But if I did, the whole update stopped. There was no specific option to reject just the mesa update, as indicated in the warning. I checked and found I was already using a version of the driver, had never gotten the warning before and have an Intel graphics setup, not an Nvidia card. So, I did the update and have had no problems. My question is why/how I could have rejected the one package without killing the whole update.

Also, before the update it was taking a very long time for TW to boot up. Using tips from other threads, I discovered it was taking 3+ minutes to get through userspace. The rest of the boot was milliseconds. After the recent update, the boot time is much faster but still longer than LEAP. What was in the update to improve the boot time and can it be further improved?

If you mean the package “Mesa-dri-nouveau”.

If it’s unneeded/unwanted use YaST -> Software Management to delete the package, then “Taboo” it so it’s not re-installed.

I get that prompt. I just accept it. Since I don’t have any Nvidia card, all it does is occupy some disk space. So, no worries.

I have a second Tumbleweed installation in a different partition on the same computer. And I am never prompted for that driver there.

I think the difference is the second Tumbleweed installation is more recent. At one time, this driver was being installed always. But then something changed so that it is only installed if you have Nvidia graphics, or if you are updating earlier software for Nvidia cards.

As Tannington said, you can remove that package and blacklist it, if you don’t want to be bothered in the future.

Thanks for the replies. If it’s harmless, I’ll leave it alone for now.