zypper dup and reboot - file system of /boot gone?

…sorry for not providing the HDD info (the hdd is mounted in fstab tbw :wink: ), thought it was irrelevant. I have no idea of this booting stuff… :slight_smile:

The rest you proposed works fine, booting now from the Kingston SSD again!

Many thanks to all for helping out.

From: https://www.gigabyte.com/de/Motherboard/GA-N3150N-D3V-rev-10/sp#sp

Use of licensed AMI UEFI BIOS

I don’t see no UEFI option in BIOS, but I’m mostly used to Dell BIOS…

Either a system (BIOS) can do UEFI or it can not. If the system can doUEFI assume the system (BIOS) can still do legacy and it offers a setting for this.

When a system can use UEFI, you have the choice. Most will use UEFI, but it is no obligation. One thing is important though. You can only use one of them on your system. Thus when there is already an operating system (e.g. some MS Windows) on it, this is fixed. And you have to boot the openSUSE installation medium in the same mode (which is automatically done most of the time) and the installation of openSUSE (GRUB2) will have to use the same mode (which again is automatic).

Thus you can only change legacy/UEFI by changing all systems on it (most easy by starting all over again with a “wiped” system).

As you have never posted your fstab, we can not really comment on that. In any case I will take “the hdd is mounted in fstab” with a pinch of salt.

fstab is in the output of avidjaars script