Zypper dup and Aspire One

So I did zypper dup yesterday, because I have been a having a ton of freezing issues with this 11.3, and now after a restart I get the green lizard loading screen and then, when it seems like it’s about to load KDE all I get is a black screen with a cursor.

It will boot up in failsafe mode just fine. I just rolled back to an older kernel but still same issue, what should I do now?

This laptop has a Intel 945 graphics card



In falsafe mode, run yast and reconfigure you’re intel card. I think you have a graphic card issue here.

so I reconfigured, uninstalled, re-installed, downgraded, upgraded, tried everything I could think of, tried everything I read, and finally got it solved…

formated and put on Ubuntu.

11.3 has finished me for Opensuse, I have been loyal to it for years, learned a lot, enjoyed it a bunch, but jesus, it is supposed to be getting BETTER, not this colossal pile of **** that was released as 11.3, issue after issue after issue, I am not an expert in linux by any means, nor am I a n00b, but 11.2 was 10x the system, I am still running it on my server, it’s been great.

Hopefully the next version is a LOT better, I will consider this one the Vista of Opensuse, I’m sure I will try it again, but from what I see with Ubuntu after a few days, it’s like night and day difference.

I didn’t want to do it, but also didn’t want to put up with a laptop that would crash non stop, or over heat for no reason, or fight with wireless - forget encrypted wireless, external monitor nightmare, or stupid NFS settings that had to be forced to get nfs4 to work even tho check box was unselected… etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate any help I got here, and I’m not bashing Suse, just the new version is a screw up IMHO. You guys here are awesome and super helpful. Thanks!

Hopefully stuff said from people like me won’t fall on deaf ears, the guys that write the code need to hear things like this so they can improve it if they expect to attract more users, or maybe they don’t care, I don’t know.