zypper dist-upgrade brake Tumbleweed

I’ve been running normal update up until last weekend. Then i thought maybe i should run an Dist-upgrade to keep my system up to date. So i did so. Didn’t get any error-msg and it updatet aprox 600 packages. Then when i reboot, my system want boot. It goes up to showing mouse-pointer, but then it stop loading. It seems like the GUI dont load.

I then took an CTRL-ALT-F2, login to the console and did a snapper rollback to before upgrading.
This work and i get it up and running again.

So do we need to do an Dist-upgrade on Tumbleweed or not?

Sometimes you need, but with an addition:

zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change

Not just sometimes, TW always should be updated like this.

Also when you do not use other repos (like Packman)?

yes - since then you have a single clear directive for noobs, who then dont have to dig through documentation.

I agree with you that putting it like that does not requite any understanding, nor increases it any understanding. A noob stays a noob stays … rotfl!

then it won’t hurt, since there will be no other vendors than openSUSE.

for anyone interested, there is an overlap with an axiom of programming here - the elimination of redundant conditionals and edge cases. There was recently a nice illustration by linus torvalds of what he called ‘good taste’, covered in the first few paragraphs of this post: https://medium.com/@bartobri/applying-the-linus-tarvolds-good-taste-coding-requirement-99749f37684a