Zypper command to list or uninstall all packages from a repository please?

Probaly this is irrelevant to my question but at the moment YAST- Online Update shows a Recommended update for Plymouthlibply-boot-client5 - Plymouth core library

which is causing the following conflicts:-

“the installed plymouth-lang-0.9.5~git20210406.e554475-150400.3.5.1.noarch requires ‘plymouth = 0.9.5~git20210406.e554475’, but this requirement cannot be provided
not installable providers: plymouth-0.9.5~git20210406.e554475-150400.1.32.x86_64[repo-oss]”

I am happy to wait to see if work is done to resolve these conflicts (my only niggle is on logging off the shutdown screen is not shown sometimes). But I worry that I might have installed some python packages that are causing problems on my new Leap 15.4 installation so would like to look for any packages installed from a repository that I got from a one-click install…

The background is that I wanted to be more adventurous and try the opensnitch application firewall on my old Leap 15.3 installation once I had got my new Leap 15.4 installation sorted. But when I saw a one-click install for opensnitch for 15.4 I tried it (the gui didn’t work although I could start the service using systemctl). I have uninstalled it along with a couple of python packages that were installed from the single repository that was needed (after clearing up all the repositories added that I didn’t need!). I would just like to check that nothing else was installed and needs to be uninstalled.

FWIW opensnitch is now running fine on Leap 15.3 after installing the latest version (1.5.2-1) from the two rpms.

Thanks for reading all this…

zypper search -i -r <repo alias|#|URI>

Will list installed packages from a specific repository.

Alternatively you may use the Software component of YaST to show specific repositories.

Thanks Paul that did the trick (one python package I had missed)!