zypper bug - unable to install/update packages

I’m having this problem with openSUSE Factory Gnome x86_64 (which I installed yesterday): zypper shows an error message instead of asking me if I want to continue. For example:

su -c 'zypper in chromium'
[summary of the transaction]
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::io::bad_format_string> >'
  what():  boost::bad_format_string: format-string is ill-formed
Cancelled (core dumped)

Is this a bug? Should I file it?
For now, the only way to install or upgrade or remove a package is to use Yast2’s package manager.

Sounds like this:

So no need to file it again.

According to the bug report this apparently only happens with the italian language though.
Is your system in italian?
If not you probably should add a comment to that report.

You could try as a workaround to set the locale to e.g. “C”:

su -c 'LC_ALL=C zypper in chromium'

Does this work?

Yes, I’m Italian, so my system is in Italian!
The command you gave me actually works.

Ok. This seems to be a “bug” in the italian translation.
Should be fixed soon I think.

Does not mean there is no bug, but the command worked for me.

Does zypper work with any other packages?

No, I used “chromium” just as an example