zypper broken: what can I do to fix it?

Not sure if this should be this forum or ‘Applications’, so forgive me if I’ve chosen wrong.

After my last update (tumbleweed), invoking zypper gives me:

zypper: relocation error: zypper: symbol _ZN4zypp5CpeId11NoThrowType13lastMalformedB5cxx11E, version ZYPP_plain not defined in file libzypp.so.1600 with link time reference

Which is bad.
How should I even start to fix this? I haven’t had to even consider a problem with the package manager since the dark days of 10.X.

Any help MUCH appreciated.


That does look bad and my guess is that it’s a bug in the code you can’t address.
Recommend submitting a bug immediately to https://bugzilla.opensuse.org


I’ll submit a bug report, but I did manage a fix (I think: I don’t get an error, but until there is an update available I won’t know for sure)

In case anyone else has the problem, this is what I did:

1: Go to Search

  1. Download the rpms for zypper, libzypp, python-zypp (not sure that last was required), for Tumbleweed.

  2. sudo rpm --force -hiv libzypp-16.3.2-1.1.x86_64.rpm python-zypp-0.7.3-1.13.x86_64.rpm zypper-1.13.14-1.2.x86_64.rpm

That was a few sphincter tightening minutes. :slight_smile:

My current practice with Tumbleweed, is to do:

# zypper up libsolv-tools libzypp zypper rpm

before I do the “zypper dup”. That way, the update tools are updated first.

It often says “nothing to do” or similar with that preliminary command. But that’s okay.

Heh, someone else that updates zypper/rpm manually first. You can recover zypper as long as rpm still works …