Zypper behavior issue!


I am new to openSUSE and I was wondering if you can help me fix two behaviors zypper has on my machine.
First is the download of all the packages before it starts to install/update them and the second is the use of delta.rpms which I personally dislike. I edited /etc/zypp/zypp.conf file and make it look like this:

# download.use_deltarpm = false
# download.use_deltarpm.always = false
# commit.downloadMode = DownloadInAdvance

Then, after reboot and full refresh of Zypper the behavior was still the same as before meaning DownloadAsNeeded for download mode and it kept downloading and installing delta.rpms

Am I missing something guys?
Or is it a bug?

means commented out. Remove those.

# This is a comment and will not be parsed by the program.
This is not and will be parsed by the = program

Lots of thanks Chrysantine.

Now it works great.