zypper ar , what am I am doing wrong?

I managed to add the repository through YAST, but was trying to add the repository through the command line before that.
So my problem is fixed, but it annoys me, I failed doing it through the comandline
In the below example of what I tried, I left part of the url away, so people are not gonna try to add this repository.

sudo zypper ar https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/
sudo zypper ar -f https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/

Both do not seem to work. I googled and don’t see what’s wrong with the command ?

I feel stupid.:frowning:

That is not something others can start working on.
To begin with, please always copy/paste things complete: the prompt/command line, the output (if it is there) and he next prompt line. Only so we can see what you did and saw.

Also, where is your conclusion based on? Please explain why you think so.

Also, when you read

man zypper

you will see that the add repo command is defined as

addrepo (ar) [options] URI alias

Thus the alias is required. so your command is already syntacticaly wrong.

Here is a typical command that I use after install:

zypper ar -f http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_15.1/ packman

Note that “packman” at the end. That’s the alias for this repo. The alias seems to be a required part of the command, and you omitted it.

The alias becomes part of the filename in “/etc/zypp/repos.d”. When you use Yast to setup a repo, it creates an alias out of the name or url that you used. But, at the command line, it seems to be required.

I always add a name and gpg check…

zypper ar -f -g -n "Some Name" <URL> "Some-Alias"

Thank you, so that was my problem. The alias is mandatory , I did leave that out. :slight_smile:

Another step forward.

Off topic, I have to share how happy I am.
Now I will be filling out a bug report on Carla.

Dave had given me this repository, and because I do not know if he wanted to share this with everybody yet, I left that part out.

He asked me to test Carla and LMMS.

I was already able to import a native Linux plug in into LMMS through Carla, so I am already very happy.
For the first time I have Amsynth working in LMMS. :slight_smile: ( bring in the dancing girls )


This synth is available in our repositories.

Through Vestige, I also could load a windows vst. (that needs wine to work)
So 2 out of 3 test successful.

He will have to take a look on why I can’t add a windows vst in Carla though.

But again, I am very happy, this will be the end of my now years ongoing struggle to have Carla fully working in LMMS.

My attempt in LMMS to make something Jean MIchel Jarre like:
https://soundcloud.com/user586365033/jarre-test5 (it’s work in progress)

Can’t be long now before I score my first number 1 hit on openSUSE. :wink: