Zypper alternative to yum-plugin-merge-con

In the Fedora / RH world yum-plugin-merge-conf presents the user with options to integrate new config files when an rpm is updated. It is a pretty simple, but very handy idea. Rather than just leave behind .rpmnew and .rpmsave files, the user can choose what action to take during the package upgrade.

I see there were some similar ideas for Suse in the past:


Configuration Merge - openSUSE

However, they are not quite the same and are a bit more complicated than necessary I think, and there does not seem to have been much activity on those specific ones in a while.

Looking at the actual python script for the yum plugin on a Fedora box (/usr/lib/yum-plugins/merge-conf.py) this actually looks pretty straight forward.

I was wondering then, if zypper already had such a capability which I’m just missing, or whether it might be worth suggesting to add this to zypper.

Any thoughts?

Lews Therin