zune support

ok so i need to know if there is a way for me to put music on my zune without booting back into windows. I know amarok is supposed to be able to but i cant get suse to recognize my zune as hardware.

i’m able to sync music to my zune running xp under virtualbox. i don’t go online with xp and only use it for the zune. if you try it, make sure to download the version from sun, not the OSS version (it doesn’t have USB support). I’ve found that the USB is still a little flaky. The way I get it to work is to unplug all USB devices, delete them from the VirtualBox profile, and then plug in the Zune and add it to the VirtualBox profile. I’m then able to start XP (under Vbox) and start the Zune program. After a few seconds, the Zune device is recognized and I’m able to sync as normal.

VBox also allows sharing across OS. My music is stored on Linux system, but I’m able to drag whatever file into “my music/zune” on the xp system and sync to Zune. Then I delete it from the xp system (so I don’t have 2 copies on my hd).

The installation instructions from Sun were easy to follow. Remember to add yourself as a VBox user in Yast.