ZUI... neet... what is it for?

Hey all,

I am curious as to the design goals of the ZUI.

For those not, ‘in the know’, this is the new feature where one can make the desktop zoom out and then zoom back in on a ‘Widget’ or an ‘Activity’. This is similar… but different from, virtual desktops.

I am intrigued by this zooming capability, but can’t quite figure out what the intended use is.

Anyone know the intended use? Help me out here.

I don’t know if it is ‘kosher’ to reply to my own post, but here goes.

It seems that, as virtual desktops change out the applications and windows open on the desktop, so it is with the zoomed widgets/activities and the plasma driven artifacts. So, the same applications/Windows will be open on a given virtual desktop, but the plasmids can be a different set. So, this would appear to be a run at changing out the supporting plasmids for a given activity. (Am I warm here?)

I am finding that plasmids do not stay where I put them… this is more than annoying if one wishes them to be viable supporting characters to productivity on the desktop.