Zsnes segfaulting when attempting to save state

OpenSuSE 12.2 / Cinnamon (Latest from update repo)

I can run games just fine and I don’t have any other issues really, however whenever I attempt to save a state (any slot) the emulator segfaults without any additional output. I am not sure if there is a way for me to grab additional information to help determine what is causing the segfault in the first place.

If I recall correctly, the latest build does not include support for libao as this was causing segfault issues earlier- so what might be causing it now? Can anyone grab zsnes from opensuse factory (I think that’s where the package is) and install it, give this a shot to make sure it’s something affecting more than just me?


Not sure if anyone cares, but I created a new thread on the zsnes forums:
ZSNES board - View topic - [Linux] Zsnes segfaults when attempting to save state

I’m going to see if I can figure out what the issue is and will file a bug report. Would be great to have someone else try zsnes to confirm whether this affects more than just myself.

I believe I had this problem. What happened for me is that I had two ZNES installs and both of them were sharing NTFS partition for saving game states. I though this is why I got the segfault.

Nevertheless state was saved for me even with the segfault. The only problem was that I had to restart ZNES. This didn’t affect me on Windows.

Single install only. Which version of zsnes were you dealing with? Was it from opensuse factory repo? SuSE version/DE? Trying to get as much info together as possible to try and pinpoint the issue and provide the fine zsnes folks something useful.

Also, btw, I’ve never used GDB before and I am trying to figure out what the issue might be with a backtrace. When zsnes crashes on its own (without being run from gdb), it freezes for a second and then closes. In GDB, it simply freezes and I cannot get to the GDB terminal to type “bt” for a backtrace. Is there a way to do this from another tty (ctrl+alt+F2, for example)? I really want to provide them with something useful here to fix the issue so all fellow opensuse users can enjoy this awesome emulator with full features.

I was using the version from emulators repo I think on openSUSE 12.1 :slight_smile: Don’t remember the exact version. It definitely wasn’t the version from factory.

In case anyone has stumbled across this issue as well- this seems to no longer be the case. The latest build of ZSNES no longer segfaults when states are saved/loaded. Cheers!