Zoom doesn't update

I installed the Zoom meeting client by downloading the rpm from the Zoom.us website and installing through zypper back in March. I also imported the gpg key successfully. I noticed that it has never updated.

Is there a way to have Zoom update through zypper dup? Otherwise, I’ll have to manually check the Zoom website regularly to see if an updated rpm has been posted.

If not, I can always switch to the Flatpak version. Thanks

Does Zoom has a repository and did you setup the repo? If not how should a zypper dup be able to update?

I am not aware of a Zoom repo for openSUSE.

I’m confused because when you install Zoom on Ubuntu-based distros or Fedora, a repo is automatically added on installation and it updates normally.

“repos” are distro specific, not generic … though you could try it :grinning:

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If you’ve installed the Zoom rpm for openSUSE version 5.15.3 (4839) then, that’s the newest version – they haven’t had to change or rework their offering …

And, yes, you’ll have to periodically check the Zoom download page for any changes.

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For a direct install, I’ve not had Zoom ever provide an update repo. Even though it’s not as good (but good enough for my needs), I now just use the flatpak Zoom app. It updates without work. Easy.

I hadn’t thought about checking to see if there are update settings in the app. Not sure if they’re there, but it’s possible.

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I use the App Image
AFAIK there is no repo in any distro
Only way would be using snap or flathub

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