ZMD: No software updates available / Why?

Since 2 weeks, my Novell Software Updater does NOT indicate any
available update? I think the message/info is wrong as I receive a few
notifications from Novell about new patches available.

Unfortunately nothing occured on my system. My account is active at
Novell, so I should be able to download/install patches with no

But on my Suse console, the icon in the task bar is still on “No
software updates available” (see

What should I do in order to get the software updater working again?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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  • Inspect YAST Online Update configuration
  • Verify Online Repositories updated
  • Verify a good network connection, eg ping your online repositories.
  • Are you behind a firewall, particularly a Proxy firewall? A Proxy
    firewall is more problematic than other firewalls, I’ve had problems
    passing proper credentials to the Proxy despite SuSE improvements (you
    can search the Forum for Proxy HTTP connectivity)


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similar problems…

Also several times have restarted and ended up with a blank screen or
something else not working right.

Now suspect given several issues reappearing after thought resolved may
be a good time to just reformat and rerun the entire installation…

Bugs followed after during my installation yesterday thought one power
off was a restart, now suspect may have been a quickie power


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maybe you should contact novell or use the SLED forum because here
mainly opensuse is discussed.

Hope this helps


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