Zenbook UX32A - INTEL HD4


Considering it’s after the fact now I won’t whine too much.
I ran the kernel tumbleweed with the rest of the repos. Trying to reboot it now gives a black screen and nothing else. Literally. The box is as dead as nothing else.
Best thing I’ve been able to find is that the intel driver is what kills the graphics. I can’t access it through HDMI or the display port. It won’t even show a BIOS screen.
Trying to reinstall through external DVD, USB and SD drive have failed as well.
I honestly don’t know the source of the problem but I thought I’d let people know since there seems to be something wonky with the graphics drivers. I had issues with
it before I rebooted and it went black. Some windows and ubuntu forums has noted the same with the model if not as a severe crash as mine. They all go black and can’t
access the LCD screen but can use the HDMI for some reason. I can’t, it’s just dead.
Just thought I’d let people know that there might be something wonky with the INTEL driver.

Hi Jourdin,

I had a problem with a blank screen when installing Opensuse 13.1 on a Asus UX31A.
The problem was the “Bios”. Solution:
EFI-Bios: enable “Lauch CMS” (you have to disable “fast boot”). I also switched off “secure boot”

After these changes in the “Bios”, I was able to install Opensuse 13.1.