ZEN Kernel No login/no keyboard

I am trying to use the ZEN kernel to install XP for gaming without dual booting
When I restart to the ZEN kernel it goes to a white screen and will not give me
the login prompt. I also seem to lose the keyboard and mouse.
I am using xdm and XFCE (much faster) It works fine under the default kernel.
I am assuming this is some sort of X problem but I see nothing in the logs to
lead me to a solution.

Hardware is is a dual core AMD with 2.5 Gig and ATI video. I am using the fglrx driver.
There is also an on-board NVIDIA 6100 that is disabled in BIOS. I changed the X config to NV versus Nvidia as I had seen somewhere that ZEN and nvidia do not work well together. Wonder if removing all references to it would help? Any thoughts…maybe the X configuration is not the problem?? For some reason I
cant post my x configuration…any ideas appreciated.