zd1211 problems on suse 11

I will start off by saying that I am linux noob.

I just last night installed suse 11 with gnome on my laptop.
Here are the specs

pentium 3 (coppermine) 1Ghz
256 of ram :frowning:

I installed the included zd1211 driver and got my USB wifi dongle up and running on my laptop. One problem though. It’s only running at 1 Mbps. When I use the dongle on my xp machine it runs at 11 Mbps. Additionaly, when I had xp on my laptop the wirless transfer speed was much faster than it is now. Is there some(preferably easy) way to crank up the speed of my dongle on suse? Is the driver a problem or is there some setting somewhere I am missing?


I took my laptop down to the local bagel shop and connected to their wifi. Everything seems fine. My connection speed is fine. In fact I am using it right now. :slight_smile:

I still have no idea why my connection was so slow at home. I have an old wireless B netgear AP. If anyone has any ideas as to what is making my connection slow at home, that would help.

But in the end it doesn’t matter. I primarily use the internet on my laptop when I am not at home. So as long as I get decent speed at other places it’s fine.

I just noticed a problem. My internet connection here at the bagel shop was fine. Now it’s down to 2Mbps. Any idea what could be causing the slowdown?

could be one of many things :

1 ) check ipv6 is disabled
2 ) check firewall
3 ) is this usb 1.0 or usb2 connections on the laptop ?
4 ) is the device usb 1.0 or usb2 ?


I have no idea what ipv6 is or how to disable it. It’s a usb 2.0 and the laptop is 1.1. It’s doesn’t matter at this point though. The power supply on the laptop died and I decided it was time to replace this old crap laptop. I won one on ebay. Once it gets here I will install suse on it. Hopefully things will work better. They should, since it’s newer laptop.