zd1201 and os 10.3 dumps


While zd1201 driver worked nice in suse 9.3 the whole systems dumps in os 10.3
If you add usb device ZyAir B-220 while running it dumps if you startup with usb device connected it dumps…

Tested on 3 different systems with os 10.3 always the same.

Versions of driver: zd1201-0.14

Anyone the same problem or any ideas?

BTW: Who loads this driver?




you shouldn’t expect different behavior from any SuSE 10.3 on no matter what hardware with a zd1201 USB WiFi adapter because for some reason, two lines have been removed from the driver module in vanilla kernel version 2.6.22 and this leads to the kernel panic you’ve been experiencing. This has naturally been fixed since, so 11.0 doesn’t have this problem anymore.
But if you tweak the kernel a bit, 10.3 can be fixed too - my zd1201-based X-Micro WiFi adapter still can’t be made to work too easily, but at least the system doesn’t hang anymore.
Check out https://lists.linux-foundation.org/pipermail/bugme-new/2007-October/016941.html. You will need to install the SuSE kernel source, be root,
cd /usr/src/linux
and add exactly the same two lines to drivers/net/wireless/zd1201.c and do a
make modules modules_install
and a reboot should do the trick. If the make command complains about a missing configfile, try
make oldconfig