Zabbix Agent for Suse 12.1

Hello All,

I have set up a zabbix agent ( to run on an opensuse 12.3 installation and this is working great.

I would like to get this running on a few other systems but they are all running Opensuse 12.1. I would prefer to use a Zabbix agent for this version of Opensuse but I do not see one available in the repositories. Is updating these servers to Opensuse 12.3 a viable alternative?

Thanks in advance.

12.1 has been phased out of support 15th of May 2013 and has reached “End of Life” so the repositories have been removed ( ) - If you have to and cannot upgrade just grab the zabbix source rpm and rebuild it on a 12.1 box.

As for the viable alternative - I would definitely examine the possibility of upgrading your systems to a supported one (I would suggest 13.1) - if they are exposed to the net even more so because the 12.1’s haven’t been receiving security updates for almost a year now!