Yum Repo on Zypper OpenSuSe 11.1

Good day gents. I’m looking for a work-around… in case there is any.

I have some OpenSUSE systems running 11.1 (no, can’t update/upgrade as of now… company politics) that can’t read from a yum repo hosted on a rhel 6.6 system. Other newer OpenSUSE(tested on 13.1) can access it and install from it just fine… just not my old 11.1 systems. I can add the repo on the 11.1, it will load the repo data (when installed, or when zypper ref is run), still, any search returns nothing as if the xml of the repo hadn’t been comprehended by zypper (apache log in the rhel6.6 server logs the http hits from the opensuse11.1 systems just fine when installing or doing a refresh).

Is there something I can do to my 11.1 boxes to get this yum repo to work?
Do you know of any config I can change on the rhel6.6 yum repo so that it will work with opensuse11.1?
am I done for and will I need to request a new suse 11 server just to host the yum repo? We are against this as we would like to host all proprietary repos from one place… I guess some thing could be done, but I don’t seem to find the answer after a week of reading and searching.



Install yum maybe. Do you have a working 11.1 repo archive?


You may have to manually download the rpm then run rpm on it. Not sure that gwdg amintains the meta files for zypper. You can probably do this with the Redhat site also just browse to the URL and download and install via rpm or zypper command. If the app works or not is another matter. You may need source and compile it