ypbind and kde

NIS client: Opensuse 10.3 (
If ypbind (NIS) is set to start at runlevel 5 boot (symlink in /etc/init.d/rc5.d) kdm will display and than crash to the command line once a logon is attempted. If ypbind is not set to start automatically, the system starts but a new konsole (and perhaps other applications) start and than die. None of this happens at runlevel 3. The server is running on a 10.2 system with a kernel and both the server (ypserv) and client (ypbind) seem to be working fine. Note that once ypserv is started manually on the 10.3 system, it works perfectly. NFS on the 10.3 works properly all the time, both server and client.

I know NIS, NIS+ and NFS well but am simply a user of all the KDE application (though I am familiar with xdm). Any help would be appreciated.