Youtube vs Viddler

These are my thoughts of the matter, regarding upload own videos.

I find Youtube really annoying when uploading your videos. No matter how you pack your video, youtube will resample it as it see fit. So, if you are not dealing with HD, even if you prepare your video file by specs (video & audio codecs, bitrate etc), youtube will resample it again, even by same codecs.
That result in degraded video quality, obligating you to upload high quality file, which have many MB to get resonable good video on youtube.
I found that if I make video less then 640x(X) and bitrate less than 2048K, result goes really bad after upload. Well, with that settings, I get file > 35 MB per minute which is unnecessarely huge.

Yesterday, I gave Viddler a try. I resampled video by Viddler’s specs and Viddler didn’t do resampling and video was as I made it. By those specs, video file was around 11 MB/min enabling you fast uploads.

Here is shell script:


ffmpeg -i $1 -f mp4 -vcodec libx264 -vpre hq -b 768K -s 480x270 -ac 2 -ar 44100 -ab 64K -acodec aac $2

check your -s setting for resolution (aspect) of your video.

I will definately pass my videos to viddler. Faster uploads, smaller files, and it doesn’t re-reseample after upload.

maybe is better to change -f mp4 to -f flv

My hubbys gonna do some blip TV soon, because of youtubes BS

Haven’t tried Blip yet, but thanks for idea… will try definately!