Youtube videos in full screen on chrome

I think I would post this here.

I finally have openSUSE installed and changed exactly how I want it!. :smiley:

I installed google chrome because it’s always been faster than firefox for me. When I watch youtube videos in google chrome in full screen mode it just displays a blue screen, but the audio is working.

I have the AMD display driver already (fglrx)

I don’t believe it’s a graphics issue (could be wrong) because full screen works fine and dandy for firefox. :smiley: So is this just a chrome bug?

Well, chrome brings its own version of flash-player, whereas Firefox uses the system’s one.

You could try chromium, that’s the open source version of chrome and included in openSUSE. This does not include a flash-player, although it is available separately as “chromium-pepperflash”. But if that package is not installed, it should just use the standard flash-player, like Firefox does.

Or try to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome’s flash player by right-clicking on a video and choosing “Settings”.

You could also try the HTML5 version of youtube instead of flash, see also your other thread.