Youtube videos in bluish tone after updating Firefox?

Is it my imagination or Youtube videos have a strange blue tone after updating Firefox and Flash Player? For example:
Best SMW Music 33 - Yoshi’s Island - Castle - YouTube

For me, Yoshi’s red shoe looks blue:
SUSE Paste

But I think I don’t have the same problem with my own multimedia saved videos (avi, mp4, mpeg…) after checking a few of them…
Am I the only one with that problem?

Running the latest FF and Flash as well, I don’t see what you see. A lot more red. In your pic it looks like there’s no red at all. It’s not just a blue tone, the colors are completely wrong.

You are not the only one. Scroll a little farther down the “applications” page where you posted your thread and you’ll find two other threads discussing this very issue. You’ll be stunned how easy it is to resolve and get rid of the blue!

1)Everything suddenly turned blue in You Tube and other sites-- don’t know where to post this question

2)Flash-Player+BBCiplayer+(?nVidia?) Crash


Found out my son has the issue. This worked: right click in video window, access the settings, diable hardware acceleration. Done, URL above displays normally.

Thank you all for your advises.
I preferred rolling back to Flash Player 11.1 because I still want hardware acceleration on Youtube videos.