Youtube video playback problems.

Hi all,
Okay here’s the problem. I’m running opensuse 11.1 and until recently everything was running like a swiss watch. However in the last 2 days my youtube viewing has taken a hit.

When I load up a video it buffers VERY quickly but then rather then playing the video normally it just fast forwards through it and skips large chunks.>:(

I’ve removed flash player and reinstalled it but no joy. It makes no difference what browser I use the outcome is always the same.

I’ve googled the heck out of this and either I’m not phrasing my questions properly or no one else has had this problem.:\

I would really appreciate any help offered.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t have this problem. I’ve never seen this problem. I’ve never read before of this problem. But if I did see it on my PC, here is what I would try … first note to get youtube videos I use both flash-player and mplayerplug-in.

So in my case I would revert to the default configurations of those applications. For example, in the case of mplayerplug-in I would do this by renaming the .mplayer directory (I think its called that, I’m not on a linux pc right now to confirm) to .mplayer-old.

I might also re-install (together with renaming .mplayer directory) flash-player and MPlayer and mplayerplug-in, but that would be a last resort.

WOW!! okay now thats what I call a quick repsonse! I’ll do as you suggested and post the results.

thanks oldcpu!

Cool nick by the way!

Hi oldcpu,
okay I did as you suggested but still no joy. I cant get my head around it I mean things were fine until about 2 days ago.

Well I’ll keep looking and keep trying.



It can be difficult to figure these things out without more details. I am very conservative in what I install, and hence I rarely encounter such problems and when I do encounter problems, they are typically easy to scope for fixing. However other users install everything under the sun, and they can run into bizarre problems that no one has seen before, and hence since they grab rpms from all over, it can be difficult to scope. I’m not sure what category you belong to …

You could provide more information for users who have seen this …

32-bit openSUSE-11. ? 64-bit openSUSE-11.1 ?

what version flash-player? Maybe give output of: rpm -qa | grep flash

what version of MPlayer and mplayer plug-in. Maybe give output of: rpm -qa | grep layer

You could check to see what you updated, between when this worked and when it did not work … specifically take a look at:
rpm -qa --last > rpmlist.txt
and open rpmlist.txt in a text editor. Do NOT POST THE OUTPUT HERE. DO NOT. But that will give you a chronological list of installed rpms, and you may end up with a short list of what apps you installed when this functionality broke.

hi again oldcpu!
okay here are the results from rpm -qa | grep layer


and here is what I got from rpm -qa | grep flash


And I’m running 32-bit openSUSE-11.1

I’m just going to review the rpm dump list to see if I can pinpoint where exactly the problem arose from.

I really appreciate you help on this matter as it’s been causing quite a few headaches.

Thank you


Hi theyikes,

I had this problem too. I can’t remember exactly, but I found that the order I re-installed adobe flash and mplayer appeared to matter.
If you un-install both adobe flash and mplayer and mplayer-plugin, then re-install adobe flash first then mplayer and mplayer-plugin fixed it.

Also remove libflashsupport-1.2-4.20 as it appears to interfere with adobe’s flash plug-in.

Hey Folks!
Well i finally got to the root of the problem, basically I had to uninstall all flash related plug-ins, that included liflashsupport which I missed until about 5 minutes ago!

Anyway once i removed all flash related bit and pieces i then reinstalled flash player and hey presto my problem was sorted.

For anyone who might have the same problem I suggest that when reinstalling flash player you do so through yast.

Thanks a million to oldcpu and to david71 for the tips. You guys pointed me in the right direction and i really really appreciate it.

Thanks for all the help guys!


Hi, A big thank you to everyone in this post.

I had the same problem and was scratching my head for ages. I googled but came up with nothing useful until I found this forum.

I am a Linux newbie so I don’t know any techie stuff, but all I did was delete libflashsupport from Yast and hey presto! Youtube is perfect.

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Thanks again.