Youtube video on Google Chrome

I have OpenSuse 12.2 32Bit with Google Chrome build 24.0.1312.56
When I try to start any youtube video I got the video with yellow ‘snow’ ,
when I tried same link on Firefox - it work perfect.
Anybody had the same problem with Chrome?
Please, advise how can I fix this?
Thank you.

Oh! I found this. Last Google chrome build came with included Adobe Flash Player build.11.5.something-pepper
I installed which I took from Adobe website and it start to work like a charm.
Sorry for bothering.:wink:

I like the snow effect rotfl!

They’ve done something like this a couple of times in the past IIRC. E.g.:

Make It Snow On YouTube Videos With YouTube Snowflake Button

I’m getting the same problem with the snow but I can’t figure out how to get Chrome to use the Firefox flash plugin instead of the internal one. >:( I’ve tried disabling the one in Chrome already and I’m using openSUSE 12.2 with Chrome 25.0.1364.97 using Flash version 11.6.602.171.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

use chromium from the openSUSE update repo instead of chrome. It doesn’t come with the built in pepper flash plugin so will use the adobe flash plugin you can get from the non-oss repo.

First, <usually> you’ll get a better response if you create a new thread instead of continueing an original thread. Contininueing an original thread usually means building on top of the original post, and in this case the OP’s problem was resolved.

Your problem appears to be that you believe that a plug-in/add-on written for one browser will work in another, and that isn’t the case.

Inspect your Google Chrome add-ons and if necessary search for and install a different one. Or, make sure that your add-ons and browser are properly updated.

Using Chromium instead of Chrome usually wouldn’t be a solution, Chrome is the vetted, stable product from Google. Chromium is a community product which is the “Beta” step where new features are still being debugged before being considered for Chrome. And for you bleeding edge people who don’t care about stability but want to explore experimental features you can explore “Canary.” There is software out there which will require either Chrome or Canary, I haven’t yet found software that requires Chromium…