Your phone - similar apllication

Hi All,

I’m looking for similar application like Microsoft Your Phone to link android phone with opensuse. Is there any application available for linux?
BTW KDE Connect require connection to wi-fi, so it is not possible in the case that mobile phone is hot-spot for devices.


My personal SOP is to use my email’s “drafts” as a waypoint transfer for anything I want to transfer from one device to another.
I find this much better for temporary transfers when I don’t want to store anything permanently anywhere else than where they were in the beginning.
All it requires is that both the phone and the Desktop is logged into the same email account.

For example,
Let’s say I want to write a particularly long and detailed text message and maybe attach a picture.
I “compose” a new email message with my text, attach the picture and give it a subject line for identification but don’t actually send it anywhere.
My email service syncs the draft and stores it temporarily on the server as an unsent message.
On my phone, I inspect the unsent messages and locate the draft I just created on my Desktop.
I “select all” and copy the entire text, then paste it into a text message and similarly attach the picture I want to include.
Send the text message.

A long text message was created on my Desktop keyboard, transferred and copied into my phone’s text messaging without explicitly uploading files to cloud storage.
When I’m done, I just delete the unsent email draft.

It all works pretty darn fast and requires no special configuration.


That is a good idea.

Thanks guys. Do you have any idea, how to solve issues with calls? Some app that allows to connect mobile phone with opensuse to calling?

Yes, but, KDE Connect can be setup to use a VPN: <; – section “Running KDE Connect over OpenVPN” …