Your Opinion on Suse Tutorials for Beginners

I am a noob and I wish to stop being a Suse boob and learn how to do this thing. I am looking all over the internet for Suse tutorials (free) and I cannot seem to find any of value. Can anyone direct me to either a book to learn Suse or a tutorial website (free). I would not mind a paid site, but there are so many affiliate marketers out there I would not trust the integrity of someone pushing a paid site.

The main issues I have been having is just learning the basic language structure in opening and installing programs. I am so lost. Any help would be gladly appreciated. :\

I think you have come to the right place for help. Without specifically pointing out a openSUSE document, I would like you to visit this link and read through the top four items.

New User How To/FAQ (read only) - openSUSE Forums

Here is another link on Software Installation that is good:

openSUSE software installation hints - openSUSE Forums

Take your time and read through them. Ask any questions that you like when you are done.

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mrubiquitous wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to either a
> book to learn Suse or a tutorial website (free).

see one of my former posts:

and, i suggest you begin with the specific openSUSE documentation, and
then branch out to generic linux later…or . . .

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You may want to look at my youtube channel This is all free an mainly on openSUSE 11.2, some other technolgies too

:slight_smile: Well, the Linux forum and community lives up to it’s name! I appreciate all the suggestions for help in getting started! I will make sure to return the favor, thank you all for your help!

Welcome to the community! I’ve been an openSUSE user since 10.0 was released and still consider myself a noobie and likely will always feel that way. I’m going to make the assumption that you are trying to transition from a Microsoft OS. I found that having more than a basic users knowledge caused me no end of problems. I felt that I should be able to get in to the nuts and bolts of linux but my Windows expertise did not qualify. Check out this url for some perspective.

Linux is NOT Windows