Your graphics device 46a6 is not properly supported by the driver in this kernel version

As it seems, the kernel that came with leap 15.4 has no proper support for the graphics device in my ASUS laptop.

How can I determine, which kernel version provides proper support for this graphics device and what is the most convenient way to upgrade to this kernel version?

You can add pbl --add-option ‘i915.force_probe=9a60’ --config to kernel command line.

Backports kernel:

I have issued the command

pbl --add-option ‘i915.force_probe=9a60’ --config

in a terminal with root privileges (su), rebooted the laptop but did not notice any differences. The login screen still looks ugly (symbols are too big, text in the bottom line is overlapping), the resolution does not match with the display (the aspect ratio is wrong, pictures look ugly, circles are displayed as ellipses).

When booting the live image with the 6.1 kernel, everything is displayed much smaller. However, this is no proof that the kernel properly supports the graphics device 46a6.

So is there a kernel version that is known to properly support the 46a6 graphics device, at least according to the documentation?

On the contrary, that it is different from your 15.4 experience overwhelmingly suggests the live image with 6.1 is working as expected, unlike 15.4.

15.5 is now beta. You may wish to try it instead of trying to upgrade kernel and Xorg in 15.4, or switching to Tumbleweed. By installing the beta, upgrading with zypper up once 15.5 is released in May or June will make your installation 15.5 the release version with no special action required.

A definitive answer might come from asking on the openSUSE kernel-bugs mailing list. I have to believe if it isn’t already in the 15.5 beta kernel, it will be by the time 15.5 is final.