Your favourite keyboar

Dear all,
a topic that asks you to write down the keyboard you have. How it is to work with that in linux? Does it have extra keys (play, pause, volume) are these supported? How satisfied are you?

Have you configured more keys to do other work like launching a program?

I think it would be fun everyone to write here his experience.

On 09/11/2011 08:06 AM, alaios wrote:
> I think it would be fun everyone to write here his experience.

this ‘fun’ would be better placed in the poll forum,

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I have Logitech MK520 and it works very good. All additional keys are visible to linux, although I had to set some of them manually using xfce keyboard settings.
For example I set volume keys to run amixer and set master volume, mail to run Thunderbird, favorites to launch XBMC etc.

So while not everything works out of the box, all keys are recognized :slight_smile:

Nice keyboard. How much your battery last?

I really don’t know as I bought it last week.
According to official information - about 3 years and communication is encrypted with 128bit AES.

M310 mouse is included and it’s very precise (laser performance sensor), although it lacks additional buttons and it is designed to use with both hands (= not very comfortable).

But in overall im very happy with this set, and it wasn’t very expensive (although not cheap either)

Any updates on the autonomy?

Logitech G15. I use the G15 Daemon tools from

It’s fun to use the LCD screen for different things, you can run top on it, use it as a status monitor, cat things to it, etc. I wish this Keyboard had packages in OpenSuse as are readily available in Ubuntu, but oh well. You can compile the tools yourself, etc.

The media keys all work just fine, but the LCD screen and macro keys require the additional G15 tools, and the build process takes some tweaking.

Still - It is a nice keyboard.

MS Natural Keyboard. Excellent support(!), all keys are visible, altough I do not use all of them. Except of the keys’ noise, it is just a brilliant keyboard. I can use it for hours without problem.