Your favorite Theme, anyone? [KDE] or...

What is you personal favorite theme on KDE? (ok, you can also name any other desktop)
At the moment i fell back to the standart, but i am still looking for one that is cool and good to the eyes.
Its a shame that you can not upload screenshots (besides url).

Anyway, i tried on my KDE desktop some out. Some where ok, but none really wowed me. Still looking for the really nice colored theme.

Btw. how can i make my own theme anyway? The basic color scheme goes with a xml file, but that looks really complicated. Or of course adjust it via the menu and save it.

So come on and share what you like.

Not sure what you mean by themes. You seem to be talking about wallpapers at times and there are loads of those to look at from KDE. They certainly aren’t difficult to create. With themes in KDE speak you are more limited because they need rather more work.

I like the default one, because i identify myself with openSUSE.

I’m using the default, because I haven’t found any that I like yet.

Are you talking about plasma themes, or themes for Qt/Gtk+/Windecos?

As for themes for the plasma workspace … Dark Air, I think. (Although I have become a little disenchanted with the whole plasma thing)

For Qt-/Gtk-Appearance and the window decorations I use QtCurve with a home-grown … ehrmmm … theme-style-thing. Looks like this:](

Anyway, QtCurve is an invaluable, fantastic, magical thing of sunshine and blue skies. All those cool GTK applications out there - KDEified.[/QtCurve-Fanboy]

Ghost for kde plasma, qtcurve for gtk and emerald+Yakano Colors Glass win-decorations and H2O icons.

Same here.

err, i meant really themes. Like the ones that make the desktop look like Mac or Windows…
Never found one that makes my desktop look like an Amiga. :nerd:

Thats a rather nice desktop. For my taste it would be to dark. I think my monitor is to dark since all dark themes look well to dark :slight_smile:

Theme: Elegance
Window Decoration: Crystal 2.0.5](


I posted a somewhat SUSE inspired theme on today …


It’s the third example/preview!


Nice, you did it? Nice…
I would prefer the purple :slight_smile:

Sadly, not a lot of response on this thread. :’(

Yeah, it is dark. And very easy on the eyes. (Dark-on-light themes just make my eyes hurt, literally.)

Oxygen-molecule for GTK apps
Oxyzone as the plasma theme
Oxygen-colors (set to use green folder icons) as Icon theme
Green smth as color scheme.
Fancy tasks as a replacement for the task bar.

Leads to this one, my System Desktop:](

Hello Knurpht,

KDE, Green, and NOT UGLY … all at the same time :).

I did not realize it was possible … thx!


Sadly, not a lot of response on this thread.

I am also a little disappointed (and surprised) that there is not more interest here …

I really enjoy seeing the crazy things that folk (myself included) find tasteful!


Mm… i guess that where ubuntu folks beat opensuse folks in ‘i am exicted’. But there is hope my friend. :slight_smile:

I definitely like you desktop. Looks awesome. Gee, how do i get this apple like taskbar? Need to check plasma addons.

This is my current desktop. Nothing fancy.

I use these addons.
Color theme is Peace
Icon theme is Hycons
Workspace Theme is Kaleban

It is called fancy tasks(plasmoid-fancy-tasks) and is available in KDE extra repository.

Theme: Glassified
Style: Oxygen
Colors: Oxygen Platinum
Icons: H2O
Windows decoration: Oxygen
Fonts: Droid Sans
Activity: Folder View](](