You Tube, no sound

Any ideas?

What openSUSE version are you using? 10.3 ? 11.0 ?

What browser are you using? Opera? SeaMonkey ? What version ?

What desktop are you using? xfce ? Gnome ? What version ?

Some openSUSE-11.2 users (both KDE4 and Gnome-2.28) who use firefox have noticed when they launch a youtube video in firefox that the PCM volume needs to be adjusted, else there is no sound.

Some openSUSE-11.1 users (both KDE and Gnome) noted they sometimes had to remove libflashsupport (but keep flash-player) to get sound.

But without more specific information, its impossible to give any decent help.

I have this problem often.

I think there is something wrong with the Flash plugin.

You can try to kill the process npviewer.bin and refresh your youtube video to see if the sound is back… :\


PCM fixed it.

I’ve got the same problem. No Sound in you tube or uStream.
I’m using Suse 11.4 with a KDE desktop.

What is the PCM volume and where do I find it?

You might be able to see PCM volume control in your mixer which is the small speaker in the lower right corner. If you find that does not help, then install the application ‘pavucontrol’ from YaST > Software > Software Management. Then after ‘pavucontrol’ is installed, run ‘pavucontrol’ and use it to control your volume.

I removed PulseAudio and now Flash is working.