You made Window 7

I was really into the commercial where that girl is in the taxi and yappin about how she called MessiahSoft and they made her a cool new task bar so she can see all the neat stuff she has running.

And It was good. With little pictures and stuff to help see what she’s working on. It was so cool! Those guys really know how to make computing fun and convenient they are SO amazing.

I wish my operating system did cool things like that!

Then I looked down at my laptop and noticed something. KDE 4 has been doing that for almost two years now. I almost pooped myself laughing.

They tricked me. I was about to put pants on, and go and buy that thing that they told me to buy that doesn’t do anything that the thing I already have doesn’t do and I didn’t have to buy.

Thanks again to the Linux community for computing, and helping the rest of us compute, and protecting us from economic terrorism at home and abroad.

You literally made Windows 7.

Here, go poop yourself a second time :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4? - Software - Insight

Very interesting. If PCs and notebooks came preinstalled with a Kde4 distro preinstalled and people were shown it and could actually choose, a good portion would propably chose Kde4.
Most people only use Windows because it comes with every PC and notebook and they don’t know anything else.

This one is hilarious. I watched it over and over again, when I first saw it.

To the OP: nice, keep on enjoying.

This is a great testament to the hard-working guys (and gals) at kde. They took a lot of flak when kde4 was first released. I say well done and keep up the good work!

Are you serious? It is kde 4.:messed:
Maybe microsoft copy us.rotfl!

I love KDE too and will not go back to MS. It did however take me 2 hrs to sort KDE out to get all the multimedia codecs working from first install. Whilst routing in around in terminal and yast didn’t bother me too much, Jo Blogs public will not accept this.

You can’t really expect mainstream usage of Suse/KDE until codecs are automatically brought in at the install stage and with no conflicts.

This is a real shame as the video showed that when a fully configured KDE was running people liked it.

Windows 7 also comes without the codecs preinstalled :stuck_out_tongue: But then again I just download the K-Lite codec pack and I’m a few clicks from having most of them installed :slight_smile:

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yup… but you don’t need to root about in yast, repositories or terminal to do so.

@The last two posters: Are you aware of the date this thread started? :smiley:

Yes :slight_smile: I think I am.

Will not happen in the foreseeable future as it’s related to the legal
issues surrounding codecs…

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I made Windows 7.


LOL – but can I have one of your spare billions?

I made Windows 7.

should be

" we would like to apologize to every one in the world for ’ vista’ . We made a mistake and we are sorry . "

win7 better than the last one but it is still MS .
They WILL assimilate us if given the chance – " resistance is futile "

They should have shown them wobbly windows, windows closing with explosions, multiple desktops, cube desktop switch, etc etc - I could go on but you already know this don’t you. I even upgraded the desktop with an nVidia card to have the extra eye-candy features. Love it.

My twenty-something year-old daughters have both used my machines (list is below) without knowing they were not windows. One does use a Mac however. Only my son-in-law noticed the extra functionality and I think I will be setting up a dual boot machine soon.

As said above - well done to all the KDE team for this wonderful desktop.

I hate KDE 4 too!
I hate it! I hate it! I haaaaaaaaaaaate it!

I never wanted my desktop to interface like a cell phone!

One wrong click and task bar is gone!

Sorry but this graphics interface is the best of all linux graphics interface.

One wrong click and task bar is gone

This is the freedom of linux you can of course remake & repair it.You have options to lock and unlock it.

Gnome or KDE
one loves KDE or hates it

it is a left brain / right brain thing

me i do not like the desktop but i do like qt4 and the apps

i just get a kick that fedora and suse gnome & kde & xfce had all this YEARS before MS AND on low resource boxes.
compiz runs on the GPU and not the cpu like MS

full compiz desktop on a DELL box from 2000 -1 with a gforce mx 400
i would like to see vista or 7 run on that box WITH areo