You asked... You got: My openSuSE 11.4 CD Labels!

Hi folks… Here ya go, my 11.4 labels done in the style of the last two.

(Reminder -> Click 'em for 600DPI printables!)

Vintage PCs and more

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll keep the style until the next major release (12.0), and then get a feel for it and change it for the better :slight_smile:

Hope you like!

Fine work!!!

Thanks so much. This looks just super once again.

Thank You,

Glad to hear they’re liked :slight_smile:

I like it. Good work.:):wink:

Thank You very much. They look great.

Best regards,

Thanks… can we get the cover labels also? or you can just share the psd/xcf or the font used in the files…

Thanks… can we get the cover labels also? or you can just share the psd/xcf or the font used in the files…

Do you mean the square paper one that goes in the front of the CD case?

I didn’t actually make one of those, but If you really want one let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’ve got a few nifty ideas…

How about this for a front cover? If you cut out the transparent areas, the info on the cd (arch, type, version) will show through the windows!

Thats great thanks… but I a full cover would be better as usually we have blank surface DVDs name written with pen/markers.

Ah, I see. I’ll see what I can do; the white border clips some stuff that doesn’t look too good showing up by itself, so I can’t just delete that. :slight_smile:

BTW, the font I used is called Neuropol.

Was there a specific label you wanted a full-cover version for?

thanks for the fonts… I ll try to make my own cover, I need dvd install x86 cover.

Sure, no problem.
If you want I can put that stuff on the square cover I posted a bit back; I have it in Inkscape as a layered SVG, so I just toggle the appropriate layers and export.

Hi VintagePC,

I just wanted to ask you to export those CD covers (maybe you could upload them onto your site - maybe a different section, this is where I first saw them when looking for CD covers for suse). I’ve been seatching for cover art but found nothing. Your CD labels are really awsome, but unfortunately I do not own a printer which supports direct CD labeling. But I would really like to have some nice covers for my openSuse CD and DVD case. Could you please merge those layers and export at least 2 covers for me, only if that is not a problem for you. I’d need the GNOME live-cd x86, and the DVD x64.

As I can see in the forums, other people are interested in these covers, too. I’d like to ask you to make some CD covers for the future releases as well - of course, after they are released :).

Thank you, and nice job with the labels :slight_smile:

Thanks- gladly done. I’ll be making labels for releases as long as I can, given the popularity of mine :slight_smile:

See my PM for an answer to your request.