You are running what now

KDE 4 and proud

openSuSE 11.3 LXDE for main machine.

I’ve tried GNOME 3 and I was not impressed. I think it would be a really really nice interface for a small tablet computer (iPad\BlackBerry Playbook), but for a day to day operation it didn’t work for me.

I used to be solid KDE, but it’s just grown to be a hog and they seem to focus alot of attention on a pretty UI instead of elegance. Also, I’m not happy that they’ve robbed Konqueror and put more functionality into Dolphin (IMHO). If I were to go back to KDE it would probably have to be something similar to KDE 3.5 on openSuSE 10.3. I’m only so hard on KDE, because of how much of my Linux experience has been with KDE and openSuSE.

I first tried LXDE on KNOPPIX and the graphics were just a mess; so I’m glad to see improvement.

Gnome 2.X isn’t that bad…I’m not a fan, but it works. It reminds me alot of Apple’s layout.

I’ve also tried XFce, but there wasn’t enough “umph” behind it.

I haven’t tried Enlightenment…might just do that now though.

Just spouting my opinions, different things work for different people :slight_smile:

I installed openSuse 11.4 LXDE respin on my EeePC 701 this week and so far it is perfect for this machine. Boot up is under 30 seconds and installl size is only 2.4 g with all updates applied, which is great for the 4 g SSD the 701 came with. It is nice to have openSUSE on this machine without having to constantly monitor disk space like I had to do with the KDE version.
On my desktop I use 11.4 with the Gnome 2 series. I will give Gnome 3 a try before making a decision for the future.

I am running:
OpenSuse 10.3/Gnome2 on a desktop (32bit)
OpenSuse 11.4/Gnome3 on a laptop (32bit)
OpenSuse 11.4/KDE4 on a destop
Windows2000 on a desktop

…forgot to check the formatting…:wink:

I have been using 11.4 with Gnome 2.32.1 for about 2 months now (havent booted WinXP for 4 weeks).

I have no experience with any of the other desktop environments, and between comparing screen shots of Gnome 2 and KDE 4, I chose to go with Gnome. I have not had much dificulty in getting the desktop configured the way I liked it. At this time, I don’t really have any complaints about Gnome, but also have not had the time to spend with it like I did XP.

I do not have any thing against the Gnome 3 or Unity UIs being developed, but from all the screenshots and reviews of those, I think I would like to stick with a somewhat more classic desktop.

could not get comfortable with 4.6.X, so i’m still using KDE 4.5.3.

The clear winner in this poll is KDE.
Still, a small fraction uses already Gnome 3. :slight_smile:

Never tried Enlightenment but it looked quite nice.

Did anyone ever try AmiWB?

openSuse 11.4 + KDE 4.6.4 (updated yesterday) :smiley:

11.4 LXDE respin. LXDE works really well when it’s ‘done’ properly. Which is what the respin seems to have achieved. :slight_smile:

openSuSE 11.4, Gnome 2 on a Toshiba L505 laptop. Should consider moving to Gnome 3 sometime.



openSUSE 11.4 with KDE 4.6.3

I voted for what I run on my laptop: almost all of them:
GNOME3 because it’s fast, stable and gives me all I need to work smoothly and quick
KDE4 since I know it from birth, for it’s configurability, for some apps (specially Kate) I use for work
LXDE as a rescue desktop for the occasional mess-up
the others because I want to keep up with what is going on, and because I can.

openSUSE 11.4 with KDE 4.6.0

Im impressed by KDE “performance” here. I’ve heard it’s very good, so it was my first choice - tried it but… I don’t like it at all :frowning:
On the other hand I “fell in love” with gnome 2 almost instantly.

Unfortunately G2 is dying, so im moving to either XFCE. But since it relies heavy on gnome applications i will have G3+XFCE.

Laptop openSUSE 11.4_64 KDE
Desktop openSUSE 11.4_86 KDE

openSUSE 11.4/Tumbleweed @ 64 bits, KDE 4.6 :smiley:

See the signature – but I’m running:

server: SLES 11 SP1 w/ Gnome
lappy: RHEL 6.1 w/ Gnome

I’m running several other things in VM’s though, and my transition (back) to KDE will occur sometime within the next year, as I much prefer the KDE 4.x interface to Gnome 3 (or even Unity)