YMP One Click Install Links Broken?

I’m using Leap 42.2 for a few reasons.

When you go to the package search, and select a package to install, if it has a .ymp file for the download (basically a 1 click install), it is not directing you to the downloads (eg starting the downloads). Instead of doing as its supposed to, you get the HTML code. Downloading rpms themselves is working fine. The problem is the ymp file type.

Now, I know how to read the code to find the .rpm file I’m looking for, but others may not. The HTML code I’m getting is as follows (and this is not a file I was actually looking for or needed - I already updated this through zypper - I just grabbed this one for an example, and I already grabbed the packages I needed and installed them so this did not cause me any problems):

<metapackage xmlns:os="http://opensuse.org/Standards/One_Click_Install" xmlns="http://opensuse.org/Standards/One_Click_Install">  <group>
      <repository recommended="true">
        <summary>Online updates for openSUSE Leap:42.2</summary>
        <description>This project is releasing the official updates for openSUSE Leap:42.2.</description>
      <repository recommended="false">
        <summary>openSUSE Leap 42.2</summary>
        <summary>Mozilla Firefox Web Browser</summary>
        <description>Mozilla Firefox is a standalone web browser, designed for standards
compliance and performance.  Its functionality can be enhanced via a
plethora of extensions.</description>

As stated, this is not something causing me a great deal of inconvenience. I don’t particularly like the one click installs, and don’t really use YaST if I can avoid it.

I’m mostly just mentioning this for those who don’t know how to read the code or find the package they are actually looking to download with a busted ymp file download link.

And yes, I’ve checked on three computers (Dell, HP, and one that was kind of custom) and three different internet sources (Home, School, and my cellular data hotspot). I also checked on three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Konqueror).

(i never use this) but… is a known fact to not work with chrome. just checked and working just fine on firefox. The problem is most likely your file association settings.

Works in Chrome with a workaround:
Accept to save
Double click the download
Off you go