ymp one click in chrome howto

Problem: ymp one-click install does not work out of the box in chrome
previous solution: go to this site https://cubiclenate.com/linux/applications/multimedia-applications/multimedia-codecs-and-vlc-player/multimedia-codecs-terminal/opensuse-one-click-install-chrome-chromium-extension/
and follow directions.

Problem now: extension is no longer on google’s webstore

My Current Solution which doesn’t involve installing some script on top of an extension: ( I sent this to the cubiclenate.com site)

Comment: I noticed that the ymp-one-click-install extension is gone from chrome web store. My workaround is the following:
install the extension “modify content type”

set rule:
URL Filter: .*
Original Type: text/x-suse-ymp
Replacement Type: x-suse-ymp
Disposition: attachment

once you download a ymp file by clicking on 1-click link, go to status bar and click arrow for download and click always open files of this type


I just want to add a note in this thread that at the time of writing this reply the “Original Type” does not need a “Replacement Type”. Additionally I’ve restricted the it to specific URL. Here is my rule:URL Filter: http://software.opensuse.org
Original Type: text/x-suse-ymp
Replacement Type: text/x-suse-ymp
Disposition: attachment
More importantly I wanted to thank the original poster for sharing this solution. Thank you! :shake:

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