yet another problem with old ati card

hello, well i have an asus ati x1650xt video card (supported only by ati 9.3) and opensuse 11.2 64-bit installed. I had to install with vesa drivers because using the live cd with “normal” drivers made the computer crash while booting (no screen). I think it was trying to use the radeonhd drivers because now that the os is installed and i configure X to use these drivers (sax2 -r -m 0=radeonhd), the same thing happens. When i try to use the ati or the radeon drivers in the same way, i can see the screen and move the mouse arrow but it is very choppy. And i don’t get to save the configuration (no dialog).

Looks like no driver works for me except for vesa, this also happened with ubuntu 9.10, is my card the problem??

Reference openSUSE-11.2 and the radeonhd, I note from this URL: Stumped by 11.2 Xorg ATI driver: Live vs Installed System - openSUSE Forums
that there is a bug on the radeonhd opensource driver for openSUSE-11.2, with the bug thread here: where post #18 references the openGL radeonhd drivers that need to be used, … where comment#18 notes this:

------- Comment #18 From Stefan Dirsch 2009-11-06 14:29:21 MST (-) -------
Latest change:

Fri Nov 6 14:24:21 CET 2009 -

  • Updated driver:
    • Disable DRI/Acceleration for R6XX and up until fix for lockups is found.
I note those are in factory, but presumably they will eventually migrate to the 11.2 Update repository. In the meantime, just install them, and reboot and you maybe then be able to configure for the radeonhd driver. But you may not.

Note that the rpm file may change (as factory is constantly being updated so you may simply need to go to the appropriate factory repos and grab the latest version). Note also, being a “factory” release, it may even make things worse.

already installed them, but forgot about disabling the thing!! but i shouldn’t edit xorg.conf manually, so how do i do it??

YESSS!! edited the thing manually, don’t know if i’m screwing up things, just deleted in modules section: Load “dri” and Load “glx” and also the entire DRI section at the end of the file. now i’m loading X with radeonhd :D.

but i wonder what’s the point if i’m not getting the nice 3d graphics…

no, wait, i had edited an old xorg file :expressionless:

editing the correct one didn’t fix the problem, the computer still crashes with a blank screen when using radeonhd. but using the “radeon” driver works, well not exactly i started firefox and i can’t scroll down the pages because the graphics become, i don’t know how to describe it, screwed up… i got a slight glxgears performance boost though, well, better than nothing, thanks for your answer oldcpu