Yet another Intel 3945ABG issue


After a fresh install, wireless access is not working with a 3945 card. The issue is similar to this. No success yet.

However, after some time, I’ve come to figure out the main problem based on below behavior of card:

  1. “iwlist scan” outputs just one or two APs, although there must be several.

  2. One time I succeeded in connecting to my AP. I was very close to it physically, the signal strength was 98%. But when I moved away (to some 75%-signal-strength), the connection dropped and couldn’t connect again.

What I figured out is that: The coverage area of the driver is too limited. It only can scan very powerful signals and needs even more powerful signals to be able to connect.

I’m not sure if this can be corrected by tweaking the frequency or something settings of the driver. More, I don’t know how to do this and even, if it really can be done or not.

Any help is appreciated.