Yet Another Idiotic Problem - Plasma Open Image Preview Panel Does Not Work Properly - Sometimes

OK. so here is yet another stupid issue I’ve run into in Leap 15.2 (and the number of issues I keep running into is really starting to gripe my nerves.)

So I have a bunch of babe pictures stored on an external SSD hanging off the back of my box plugged into one of the USB ports. Every morning and evening I go into Configure Desktop, then Wallpaper, mark the current wallpaper to be removed, open up my Images folder and rummage around until I find a suitable replacement.

Back in 15.1 or maybe it was earlier than that I used the automatic wallpaper changer - but that had a bug in it back in the day that caused the entire desktop to take up 100% CPU, so I stopped doing that - which is why I do things manually now. Isn’t computer automation wonderful?

Anyway, this doesn’t happen all the time, but periodically when I open a directory full of images and start browsing through the images, observing the previews in the Preview Pane, the Preview Pane will stop showing new images. In other words, it will fixate on one image file and when I move the selection to the next image the image in the Preview Panel remains the same - defeating the entire purpose of the Preview Pane. Then suddenly it will resume showing the images associated with the file in the Preview Pane again. It’s like it’s unable to keep up with rapid movement through the images and takes several seconds or more to “catch up”. Some of the images are quite large so it doesn’t surprise me too much that it may take a second to show the current image, but when it takes ten to thirty seconds to figure out that I’m on to another image, well, that’s just lame. Gwenview doesn’t have any problem keeping up with an entire folder of images.

Anyone seen this issue before? Any ideas what the problem could be? It’s not exactly a huge issue, it’s just another annoying bug in KDE Plasma that indicates to me that the KDE developers don’t know what the word “testing” means.

You could just stick to gwenview if that has no problem.

Not seeing that here on Leap 15.2 and a directory containing 102 JPEG images – total 887.4 MiB – the images are each on average about 9 MiB …

  • The directory is on a rotating 4 TB HDD – XFS filesystem …

Obviously. I just wonder if anyone has seen this before. It doesn’t happen all the time, just maybe every half dozen times I change images. It seems to have something to do with how fast I’m browsing through the images, ignoring the smaller ones in favor of the wide-screen ones for the wallpaper.

My SSD has 53GB, 97,000 images, in 1,774 subdirectories. The file sizes are average for images, most smaller than 9MB, some larger. Number of images in each directory ranges from 1 to 3,000, with about a quarter in the 200-300 range, the rest less than 100. Naturally in directories with every few images, I don’t spend a lot of time moving around in them, so presumably this only occurs in directories with probably 50-100 or more.

I noticed also that sometimes no image is displayed in the Preview Panel because the file has an extension of JPG or PNG, whereas the file is actually Webp, and vice versa. I’ve been meaning to write a script to rename those files properly according to their actual file type. I wonder if there’s any relation to this issue. I haven’t noticed one way or the other so far.

Never saw anything like the issues described above. When using dolphin with preview on folders containing up to 1,200 images it opens them smoothly without any delay. Thumbnails a readily displayed as they are generated. I observe no delay whatsoever. External drives are somewhat slower, but they are working perfectly too.

Cheers to KDE developers.:wink: