Yesterday's updates breaks Virtualbox 15.2 guest with MATE desktop black screen in X

Similar to this issue but not the same results.

I don’t know if it is the virtualbox kernel guest code or the new kernel - going back to the last kernel to see - it has to be the virtualbox kernel code as the previous kernel that worked is also black screen.

I am going to save the previous virtualbox rpm and see if it works. They are not there to download

+ wget virtualbox-guest-tools-6.1.8-lp152.1.4.x86_64.rpm No such file or directory
+ wget virtualbox-guest-x11-6.1.8-lp152.1.4.x86_64.rpm No such file or directory
+ wget virtualbox-kmp-default-6.1.8_k5.3.18_lp152.16-lp152.1.4.x86_64.rpm No such file or directory
+ wget virtualbox-qt-6.1.8-lp152.1.4.x86_64.rpm No such file or directory

Now trying without the virtualbox updates using packagekit

Confirmed it is the new Virtualbox Kernel kmp - restored last good backup and I updated everything but the 3 virtualbox updates and all is fine.

Creating bugzilla on it.

It is sad the the repos shows the old versions but you cannot get them.


AFAIK the beta version is a moving target and unlikely to have old packages in the repository (since it becomes the iso image after each build)…

Maybe wait a few days… likely things are blocked with the gcc update in Tumbleweed, this has to feed out to the development repositories, it all has a downstream affect on (thousands of) packages.

Likewise with package maintainers (all of one person), consider they may be busy with other priorities, a bug report just adds to their workload…

Consider looking around first? Build Status Monitor - openSUSE Build Service

Look at the rebuild reason? Build Reason for openSUSE:Leap:15.2 / virtualbox - openSUSE Build Service

So, there are a few places of interest to visit :wink: After all this is a Community release…

Good news is today’s build fixed the issue with VirtualBox .17. It appears that some library that got replaced today fixed the issue.

It is broken again after updating and then rebooting today.

using right-ctrl + insert and F4 and login as root:

zypper rm virtualbox-kmp-default will bring it back to use without the keyboard and mouse intergration.

Yes, I know 15.2 is a work in progress but it would be nice if they would test it in a virtualbox 15.2 image.

I was wrong - even with the virtualbox rm with zypper - the mouse and keyboard still are integrated!

Nothing is installed but it says via right-ctl+n is 6.0.0r127566 is installed.

I did not install that but it is there - is it built-in 15.2?