Yes Bugzilla works!

I dont want to write here a big story…but thank you suse-comunity!

Before two months i posted a bug in Bugzilla…it was not a great thing, nothing critical…

Yesterday i made a sistem update with openSUSE 11.1 and i read the head of a update…and…yes! It was exactly the bug i have posted. Ok…after the suse.config…), i was curous to test it…

…and really! No bug any more! Thats Linux! Thats openSUSE!!!

Well done

Thats very interesting! Very interesting indeed! I would like to report bugs too. How do I do that? AFAIK there isnt any “Send Report” window that appears as in Xp.

And what all can be reported? How does one exactly define what a bug is. Or more appropriately what one can report to openSUSE?

No it’s not like “send report” in Windows, which you can easily see by the OPs statement “it works”.


On how to report bugs you should read this:

Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

> No it’s not like “send report” in Windows, which you can easily see by
> the OPs statement “it works”.

snort! :wink:


If you aren’t sure whether it’s a bug, it arguably should be on openFate (the feature tracker) instead.

I don’t know what the official word is, but I suppose if you can conceive of it having been done deliberately, changing it is a feature. If it’s clearly an accident or quirk, it’s a bug. There’s definitely a grey area in between though…

The Open SuSE project is hosted by Novell and you can post bugs on their Bugzilla here

You have to sign up to be able to post and there are guidance pages about posting and reporting. It’s worth reading a few existing reports first to get the idea and see whether what you are experiencing has already been reported. Then it is helpful to be as informative as possible about the exact circumstances of a bug’s occurrence and once you have all the details go ahead and post a report.

May the bugs be squashed! :slight_smile: