Year of the Linux Desktop?

Lots of people are finally starting to notice the potential revolution been wrought by instant-on Linux distros like Splashtop from DeviceVM. So how does Microsoft respond to this? To get to Windows you first have to boot into Linux and maybe you’ll find you don’t even need to boot Windows at all.

Jim Zemlin (Linux Foundation):

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and a array of other PC makers are starting to develop “machines that give people access to basic functions like e-mail and a Web browser in 30 seconds or less.” Here is the interesting part: Linux is providing that access…What does this mean for Linux? First it means that Linux is more central to the user experience…We may see a world at the end of next year where Linux ships on almost every notebook computer regardless of whether it is loaded with Windows.
Linux to Ship on More Desktops than Windows

Linux: Coming soon to a Windows laptop near you
Linux to outship Windows in 2009?

Dvorak, who picked up on this months ago:
ASUS’ Big Development
and Phoronix over a year ago:
SplashTop To Splash Onto Notebooks, Desktops